Because of high lateral pressure due to winds and other environmental stresses, many towers need special attention to their foundations.  Often times, the installation of deep foundations will assist in the prolonged structural support that a tower may need, especially when substandard soil problems exist.  Micropiles or helical piles are frequently used in the installation process of deep foundations.  Ground anchor systems are used in landscapes which may include slops or a rock face.

To further improve the soil beneath foundations of towers, various types of grouting can be utilized.  Cement grouting, compaction grouting, and cellular grouting are the most common techniques for this application.

Along with deep foundations, Gibson’s Grouting offers pressure grouting for communication and cell phone tower leg void fill scenarios.  Gibson utilizes specialty high flowing grout mixes, which in some cases are proprietary, to complete this task.

Gibson's Pressure Grouting specializes in soil improvement and deep foundation installation for various types of towers.  Our engineers and geologists can determine the best and most cost effective solution to rectify nearly any situation.  Contact us today for a customized solution for your project site.