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Over time, bridges often require repair due to soft, settling soil beneath foundations.  Additionally, with the ever growing population, more and more bridges get scheduled for expansion, replacement, or new construction.  No matter the state of a bridge, whether it’s thirty years old or is scheduled for construction next year, Gibson’s Pressure Grouting offers services to ensure proper foundation of a bridge and its continued safe usage.

Common problems with older bridges include foundation movement and undermined slabs & footings due to settling or compressing soils, threatened foundations due to scour, water infiltration, or deteriorating piles.  To solve these issues, Gibson’s Grouting commonly uses a variety of techniques including compaction grouting, void grouting and the installation of micro or mini-piles.  To assist in the construction of new bridges, Gibson’s Grouting offers the installation of deep foundations.

Gibson’s Pressure Grouting has been providing ground improvement and foundation repair to commercial, industrial, and municipal clients since 1985 throughout the southeastern United States.  Contact our highly knowledgeable and experienced geotechnical engineers to get started on your bridge project today.