Large, industrial, above ground storage tanks often put a large strain on the soil beneath due to the heavy loads.  From the immense amount of weight being applied, the ground beneath often requires some type of soil improvement to continue to sustain the loads.  Such ground improvement techniques include compaction grouting, cement grouting, and underpinning.

When it comes time to decommission an above ground or underground industrial tank, a few different geotechnical construction techniques can be used, including bulk grouting, also called void fill grouting, or slush grouting.  These methods permanently seal up the tank to prevent any future breakdown resulting in future problems such as sinkholes or leaching of remnant tank contents into groundwater.

Along with tank repair, Gibson’s Grouting also provides deep foundations for new tank construction (rock anchors, helical piles, and micro piles) and void grouting of conical tank bottoms.

Gibson’s Pressure Grouting has the engineers with expert industry knowledge to both design and install proper applications for fixing or decommissioning above ground or underground tanks.  Contact our specialists today to learn more about our customized services.