New road construction or current roadway expansion often presents challenges such as having to build into hills or mountains on a tight timeline.  With Gibson’s earth retention expertise, soil nails or other techniques can be installed quickly and safely with small scale equipment while minimizing the disruption to existing traffic to help expedite your construction in and around slopes.  Other techniques such as bulk grouting may replace the need for a large excavation project due to substandard soil conditions, saving time and budget.

Over time, existing roadways may call for repair as a result of sinkholes or depressions.  Void fill grouting, cement grouting, and compaction grouting are all commonly used techniques to improve soil conditions beneath roads.

With a team of geotechnical engineers with advanced knowledge and experience, Gibson’s Pressure Grouting offers repair of roadways, and the assistance in new road construction throughout the southeastern United States.  Contact us today for a customized solution to your project.