Problems such as sinking foundations, tilting slabs or columns and structural cracks are often caused by subsurface soil conditions that were not known at the time of construction or have occurred since the structure was built. Subsurface problems such as these can be remedied with any number techniques, whether these problems are instigated by structural failures, pre-construction requirements or general appearance enhancement.

Variations on these techniques are custom tailored to suit the unique problems presented to our commercial, municipal and industrial customers.

Gibson's ground improvement & soil stabilization services include Bulk-in-fill Grouting, the most common type of repair procedure for subsurface void repair, and Permeation Grouting techniques as Cement Grouting and Chemical Grouting as well as Compaction Grouting which are used to stabilize the earth and repair the effects of sinking earth for many types of structures and surfaces. Follow the above links for more complete information about these grouting techniques.