Various issues threaten the integrity of buildings and their foundation, including soft or compressing soils, nearby construction or excavations, or sinkholes.  The need for repair or reinforcement may become apparent after cracks or leaning of the structure, or it may be deemed necessary as a preemptive measure to prevent future problems.
If subsurface soil problems have been detected prior to building or foundation construction, Gibson’s Pressure Grouting can treat the soil, reducing the likelihood of future soil compression, runoff, or movement of any kind.  Techniques used for ground improvement include different forms of grouting.

If the need arises for ground improvement after the building has been constructed, Gibson’s Grouting can quickly provide the necessary solution with specialized small limited access equipment and minimal disturbance to the site.  Various forms of grouting can be used to prevent soil deterioration or foundation damage while construction or excavation is occurring adjacent to the site on which the building sits, while also providing a solution to improve soil conditions underneath existing buildings.

Gibson’s Pressure Grouting specializes in ground improvement and many grouting techniques to remedy problems with your building or foundation.  Our geotechnical engineers can assess your project site to determine the most cost effective solution for your needs.  Contact us today to discuss your problem and how we can provide a solution.