Sinkhole & Karst

A sinkhole is a depression or hole that appears at the ground surface typically caused by either underlying bedrock dissolving over time or deep soil failure and collapse which continues to the ground surface.  They are commonly found in areas where the ground contains limestone, sandstone or carbonate or other soluble rocks that can be dissolved over time by water.  This water may come from natural or manmade activity – by normal water runoff and drainage, or by the constant leaking or breakage of water mains or sewer pipes.  Other occurrences that have been known to cause sinkholes are when the ground is changed so significantly that the surface cannot be supported by itself, which includes the construction of mines or manmade lakes or ponds. 

The end result of a sinkhole could be as minimal as a dip in the ground, or could be as severe as a large void.  When sinkholes occur in roads, near buildings or under any structures, they need to be repaired for the safety and continued function of the structure. 

Gibson’s Pressure Grouting
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