Annular Space Grouting

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Annular space grouting is process of filling the area between a host pipe and liner pipe in re-lining applications.  When grouting an annular space it is very important to identify the following items prior to picking a technique and material: size of annular space, surrounding soil conditions and ground water presence, distances between bulkheads, liner and host injection pressure capabilities, temperatures, slump or flow retention of mix over time, daily weather conditions, depth of structure, etc.  Once the key project obstacles have been recognized the technique and grout material can be chosen. 
Gibson has mastered the art of annular space grouting with over two decades of experience.    Gibson has experience in placing high strength cementitious mixes, low density grout materials, HDPE liners, PVC liners, steel casings, fiber composite materials, etc.  Remember when grouting an annular space it is important to do it right the first time, since there is no second chance.
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