Mines & Quarries

Mines and quarries that are either currently in use or have been abandoned both may develop problems that can be solved with various grouting techniques.  To seal up and decommission abandoned mines, bulk, void fill, or slush grouting may be used.  To stabilize mine walls, anchor systems or soil nails may be installed.  To prevent contaminated water seeping into the soil to eventually meet ground water in either mines or quarries, cement grouting or compaction grouting techniques may be used.

Gibson also offers a variety of services to aid the quarry industry in: equipment foundation stabilization caused by resonant vibration, equipment bracing, sinkhole grouting, and fractured rock grouting.

Gibson’s Pressure Grouting employs the engineers with expert industry knowledge to both determine the most appropriate method for mine or quarry repair, and see the project through to completion. Contact our specialists today to learn more about our customized services.