Pipelines & Utilities

Often the soil surrounding underground pipes or utilities may shift or erode over time.  When this occurs, these pipes become susceptible to damage or complete joint separation.  To prevent or fix broken lines, various forms of grouting can be utilized.  Depending on the soil type and situation, chemical, cement or compaction grouting may be used in this application.

Another service offered by Gibson’s Grouting is in place decommissioning of abandoned pipes.  To prevent these unused lines from leaking contaminates into the ground or from causing future surface subsidence, they can be filled using low density cellular grout or neat cement mixes in applications requiring smaller quantities.

Gibson also provides services to support deep excavations that need to be made in close proximity to an existing structure.

Gibson’s Pressure Grouting has the engineers with expert industry knowledge to both design and install proper applications for fixing or decommissioning underground pipelines or other utilities.  Contact our specialists today to learn more about our customized services.